Quatro GLOSS

immagine generica quatroWhat is the smart choice for your everyday printing needs? Sappi Quatro is a standard, no frills, no fuss, and dependable paper for day-to-day printing.

Above all, Sappi Quatro meets all budgets;  it will probably help your business too.


  Quatro sheets Quatro reels
Surface Satin/Silk, Gloss Satin/Silk
Format Sheets Reels
Print process Sheet fed printing - 4 colour printing For sheeting - 4 colour printing
Basic weights 90g/m², 100g/m², 115g/m², 130g/m², 150g/m², 170g/m², 200g/m², 250g/m², 300g/m² 90g/m², 100g/m², 115g/m², 130g/m², 150g/m², 170g/m², 200g/m²
End-use application Brochures, Promotional communications, Direct mail Promotional communications, Direct mail, Brochures
Product type Coated fine paper sheets Coated fine paper sheets
Produce in Europe Europe

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