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Salzer Design is a high quality, woodfree uncoated paper for use in modern print design like annual reports, image brochures, magazines, invitation cards or mailings. Salzer Design gives a natural, smooth and valuable look to your printed product.

Salzer supplies different paper bulk (Design | Design bulk | Design high bulk) and four colours (bright | white | natural | ivory).

Design – Paper from Salzer – 100% woodfree

New: extended product range for our 100% woodfree Salzer Design paper now available

High quality uncoated papers from Salzer improve your product. Salzer design offers a wide variety of bulk and colour to find the best paper for your printed product. Based on our long experience with bulky papers Salzer can offer Salzer Design in high and low bulk to open new possibilities.

Salzer Design showed its success in many products and can be supplied in sheet and reels.

     Salzer Design       Salzer Design bulk       Salzer Design high bulk
Bulk 1.3 1.5 1.8
g / m²       80 to 200 gsm    80 to 200 gsm 80 to 150 gsm


bright (ISO 97) white (ISO 96) | natural (ISO 93) | ivory (ISO 81)