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About Ecopaper

about usA more than 30 years long history... A success to browse in a multi-sensorial path, made of surfaces, of touch, of sight, of intuition. A series of internationally recognized successes thanks to the dynamism and continuous evolution of a flexible and changing company. An extraordinary aptitude for change; the supreme competition instrument to win. A strategy based on a wide range of products, able to satisfy in real time small and large orders.

I worked in the paper industry for over thirty years. I have heard, watched, I learned to touch. I had hundreds of types of papers - rough and smooth - in my hands. I figured out the weight of a sheet; I just felt it. I felt the time and I touched it. Sometimes, along my path, I faced so dramatic incidents to draw new plots. Starting as a trade agent and I founded then Ecopaper; now a star in the writing and printing papers industry in Europe. Of my work, I have enjoyed every nuance; I saw the shine in the haze. I'm surrounded by precious collaborators and agents. They are precious as our products, refined coated and uncoated papers, available with FSC and PEFC certifications. They are ideal the ideal base to bring to life words and images with an extraordinary effect. 

A success story made possible thanks to my intuition, my team and your priceless confidence.

Gian Franco Fabris